After the Flood, 2017, HD Animation, 16 min 20 sec

After the Flood shows a possible future where the sea levels have risen and only the tops of high rise buildings survive. The privileged have found a new home, elsewhere.

The complete work is over 16 minutes long and has been made to look as if the same few minutes are being looped. There are however subtle changes, some scenes have added rain or lightning sometimes the camera is in a different position and occasionally there is an extra scene. Dotted throughout are a number of intentional glitches such as failing textures, a flash of green screen, a disappearing building and a colour bar.


Exodus, 2014-18, digital video, work in progress

'Exodus' is an ongoing video work in progress. Following on from my previous video work, 'Obsolete' this work pokes fun at Hollywood disaster movies and features miniature movie sets that have a Blue Peter Tracey Island feel, as well as the generous use of cheesy special effects.

For a number of years my practice has explored themes of dystopia, and this stems from my interest in science fiction. Man’s reliance on technology has often brought about failure, sometimes due to the arrogance of the creators. Inspired by both H G Wells' 'The Time Machine' and Isaac Asimov's 'The God's Themselves', 'Exodus' tells the story of a technological catastrophe that has brought about the demise of our sun.

The finished work will feature a number of scenes across multiple screens. The images shown here are from the Hollywood set that has been built in the studio, and are still very much a work in progress.

Obsolete, 2013-14, HD digital video installation

'Obsolete',is an HD video installation made in 2013/14. The video itself is a mix of live action, stop motion animation and digital animation. The work is inspired by the shooting down of an F-117A Night Hawk over Serbia in 1999, highlighing the arrogance of a military force, whose multi-million dollar stealth fighter was shot down by obsolete weaponry. 'Obsolete' also pokes fun at Hollywood's tendency to re-write History and replace plot and narrative with special effects.